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Online Astrology Readings

Core Reading

During this reading we will figure out if you are in alignment with yourself and life. What are the challenges that you have to face, how are you perceived by others and how does your inner emotional and mental world work? Any relevant questions can be answered during this first consultation. We will focus on defining your life purpose, gifts and challenges by respecting where you are coming from and bringing light upon where you are going to.

This reading can give you clarity about what makes you irreplaceable.
You are part of a bigger organism and you have a particular function.

CHF 150,-
60 MIN

going deeper

You did the core reading with me and are familiar with the basic foundations of your personality. Now we have time to go beyond the surface and explore how life still manages to knock you out of balance. In other words, we will attempt to make the subtle inner dynamics of your personal psychology more conscious, and shine light upon them in order to understand how to live life aligned with your calling or purpose. The content of this reading also depends on the first reading we had. We will focus on what is essential and on going even deeper.

CHF 150,-
60 MIN

Solar Return​

This happens once year and most of us remember this event because it’s our birthday. During this reading we focus upon the upcoming year in particular and what are the specific domains in life that are coming up for you to look at. This is a great fine tuning reading if you already know your chart or you have done some self work but want to work on more specific themes and know how to integrate them smoothly in daily life.

CHF 150,-
60 MIN

Saturn return

Many people reach out to have a reading between 28 and 30 years old. This time is called the Saturn Return, and is a point in which life seems to be more difficult than usual, yet it will yield great harvests if you are willing to work the ground. I love Saturn because it shows us our limitations and how to integrate them – which is certainly hard work. This reading is often quiet a punch in the face, just because of the nature of Saturn to show us our boundaries in an upfront and blunt manner.

CHF 150,-
60 MIN

"Astrology allows me to express your inner weather. I will not tell you something new but maybe I can help you to get a bigger perspective for what is already happening.."​

Express reading

You have a burning question on your heart and maybe don’t want to spent too much money? I will do my best to answer your question by looking into your chart and considering transits and progression. I will send you this 30 minute summary over WhatsApp. This is ideal for fast feedback or if you want to listen to it on the go wherever you are.

CHF 60,-
20 MIN

Relationship Reading

May it be the love between you and your partner, your child or one of your parents – love and relationships are at the center of our personal worlds. This reading will explore why you are attracted to each other, why your child has chosen you as a parent or why you are born in the family you are in by comparing your two birthcharts together and reading the complex dynamics that are at play. Deeply fascinating, complex and highly insightful.

CHF 225,-
90 MIN

Online Courses

Two courses coming up beginning of 2021

  • Basics of Astrology
  • Meditation Course
Please contact me through the contact form and I’ll notify you as soon as the courses are online.

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Meet Severin

severin astrologer with son

Severin Geser is an experienced Meditation and Yoga teacher, Astrologer and Retreat Leader. He is the owner of The Hermitage Silent Retreat Center at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala where he hosts and guides Silent Meditation Retreats, Dark Retreats and Astrological Consultations all year round.

Severin comes from a diverse background of meditation and yoga experience, including one year in a Buddhist monastery, one year studying Ashtanga Yoga in Colombia, and intensive studies into both the Kabbalah and Non Duality in Guatemala and Mexico. Over the past seven years he has been studying Psychological Astrology and apprenticing under many well known Astrologers and Teachers.

Astrology has given me a language to share this with others.
“Exploring the depth of my being is my passion“.

When I was younger I felt that in order to be accepted, I needed to please others and fake certain qualities that I hoped others would like. I was trying my best to hide my fear and insecurity. Only later I began looking deeper, to understand who I really was, and this led me on a journey of transformation and Self-Enquiry that has now lasted for more than ten years. For the last decade I have dedicated myself to studying my complex inner world through meditation, yoga, psychology and many other fascinating domains, all of which inform my astrological world view.

I found that Astrology gives a language to this incredible inner world, which we could potentially spend a life time to explore and understand. I am still on that inner quest and there is still confusion and a deep longing for union in me. Sharing my own process in order to help others to understand their own is my passion and brings great meaning to my life.

My wife Emma and I have created a Meditation Retreat Center on the gorgeous shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Our beautiful Hermitage has now become my home and foundation, from which I continue to study and offer Astrology and Retreats, and also play and discover the world through the eyes of my son Benzra and daughter Nila.

For me, Astrology at its very best points toward the infinite, which exists as a background to everything in creation, and from which everything is manifest. If we live our own truth, we start to experience that this is not something that we have to push or force, but rather that we simply come into alignment with, this natural and peaceful background of existence. This can paradoxically mean that there is nothing to be done. But in that nothing lies the everything.

Finding the balance between that paradox and exploring through the language of astrology who you are meant to be is what I want to find out with you.

Severin as a munk

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